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    3 Ways to Make a Home Safer for Seniors

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Sometimes, it becomes apparent that an elderly loved one may be at risk for injury in his or her home. Especially if he or she has already suffered a fall, it may be time to make some home adjustments. Those who work in elder care can provide valuable assistance in recognizing home dangers and removing them:

    Eliminate Fall Risks 
    Slip and falls are a serious problem in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of all individuals over 65 will fall over the coming year. Depending on the severity of a particular fall, an older individual may suffer an injury, such as a broken hip. Therefore, you should eliminate all potential circumstances that can lead to a fall. Secure all loose rugs, remove all electrical cords from high traffic areas, and, if possible, replace slippery tiles with sound flooring.

    Facilitate Common Tasks 
    Injuries to the elderly can also occur if they try to grab items that are out of reach or attempt to lift articles that are too heavy. Preparing meals and doing laundry are just two circumstances where these situations may result in harm to an elderly loved one. To avoid such injuries, rearrange commonly used items so that your family member does not need to strain to reach them. Also, install high tables and other devices that will facilitate activities like sorting through and cleaning clothing.

    Remove Dangerous Items 
    Sometimes, it may become necessary to do away with certain objects that cause undue harm to a loved one. Should you believe that your family member’s home requires such measures, be sure to gently discuss with your loved one why you are taking such precautions to avoid future confusion and frustration.

    EvergreenChoice can help caregivers make their loved ones’ homes safe and inviting spaces. For more information regarding our home care options, please call our New York City office at (646) 783-3651.

    What Is Alzheimer's Disease?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Senior care often entails looking after those with Alzheimer’s disease. As this video explains, Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic degenerative condition that destroys brain function.

    Approximately 10% of all Americans over the age of 65 will develop Alzheimer’s disease. The condition begins in the hypothalamus, where protein fragments devastate brain cells that aid memory formation. It then travels to other areas of the brain, eventually destroying the control centers for language, logic, emotion, long-term memory, and physiological processes. By bringing more attention to this unyielding disease, individuals can encourage further research and better medical care.

    EvergreenChoice offers comprehensive yet individualized elder care for individuals in the greater New York area. If you have a loved one who requires home care assistance, call us today at (646) 783-3651 for more information regarding our senior care options.

    The EvergreenChoice Difference in Senior Care

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Senior care comes in many forms. Some individuals need only minor help with their laundry and grocery shopping; and others benefit from having companions for their social calendars and exercise routines. That’s why EvergreenChoice offers a wide-ranging array of services for caregivers and their loved ones. No matter your individual needs, EvergreenChoice can provide the capable and reliable assistance you need for your family:

    Housekeeping Assistance
    Trying to maintain a safe home for an elderly loved one can be a challenging undertaking, especially for caregivers who have their own houses to manage. Even minor tasks such as doing the dishes or taking out the garbage can quickly escalate into significant living issues if not handled on a daily basis. EvergreenChoice can alleviate the time and energy demands placed upon caregivers by providing competent housekeeping services for your elderly family member. Our staff can help your loved one with errands, pet care, and more.

    Companionship Services
    Sometimes, a loved one simply needs a friend. Because you have other responsibilities such as work and family, EvergreenChoice offers meaningful companionship services among our many elder care options. Our considerate and gentle staff can take your loved one to the movies or escort him or her to the museum. If your family member wants to stay at home, an EvergreenChoice associate will stay with him or her and watch television or play games. Making your loved one happy is our primary goal.

    Compassionate Care
    We at EvergreenChoice recognize the considerable strain that caregivers sometimes face. To make your situation as peaceful and comfortable as possible for all those involved, EvergreenChoice provides expert home care for the terminally ill. By working together with your existing team of physicians and other medical professionals, we can make sure that your loved one is at ease and free of pain.

    Do you have questions about EvergreenChoice’s senior care services? Call our New York City office today at (646) 783-3651 to speak with an EvergreenChoice representative or to schedule an at-home consultation.

    For More Information on How Elderly Care Can Increase a Senior's Quality of Living, Browse These Links

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Stay informed about senior living by checking out these informative resources. For high-quality elder care, consider EvergreenChoice of New York City, and call us at (646) 783-3651. We are available to discuss your loved one’s options and our different programs, and answer any questions you may have.

    • Are you wondering how hospice may benefit your loved one? Find out from
    • Visit the Mayo Clinic to learn about seven common health problems plaguing aging seniors.
    • Nutrition is important at any age, but it’s especially important for seniors. offers nutrition tips for seniors.

    What Is Hospice Care and How Can It Help?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    There are no words to express the sadness of a loved one coming to the end of his or her life, but there are ways to make his or her last months comfortable. Hospice care is an approach to end-of-life care that focuses on making the individual as comfortable as possible, often in his or her own home.

    • Hospice care provides a safe and nurturing environment. No matter what stage of terminal illness your loved one is experiencing, hospice care can help. The hospice care program at EvergreenChoice consists of physicians, home health aides, massage and physical therapists, and a number of other professionals who work hard to ensure that your loved one feels comfortable and is not suffering from fear or a loss of dignity.
    • Hospice helps family members cope and continue with their daily responsibilities. Hospice care can help relieve the heavy burden from you and other family members. While you undoubtedly want to spend as much time with your loved one as possible, your daily responsibilities cannot simply grind to a halt. With hospice care, you can still work or perform important daily tasks without having to worry about whether or not your loved one is cared for.
    • Hospice care ensures that your loved one will not suffer. Terminal illness can be painful and stressful, but hospice care can help reduce your loved one’s pain and ensure that he or she is at ease. Hospice care, in addition to providing emotional and spiritual support, also provides pain and symptom management so that your loved one is as comfortable as possible.

    If you or your loved one needs help, EvergreenChoice of New York City is here. We provide a number of skilled, compassionate services, including hospice care. We are available to answer your questions at (646) 783-3651, so give us a call today.


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